Wow…ok…yeah…Hello, everyone. (All three of you). It’s…it’s been a while.  But instead of giving you some long schpeal about my excuses and life and other nonsense no one cares about, I’m going to catch you up on what I’ve been doing for the last year or so, cosplay-wise.

Anime Los Angeles

I’ve branched out a bit in my convetion-ing, in that I’ve attended TWO conventions this year so far.  (Whooooo, so impressive.)  But what is impressive is that I whacked out two separate new costumes for that sucker, and it was (mostly) awesome.

Rose Quartz:


And Mal Reynolds:


I also brought back Captain Jill Harkness, who had an interesting encounter with Lady Loki…



I’ve also done two GallifreyOne’s since I last posted, and I accomplished my set outfits, both of which looked amazing.

First year was Clara, from Cold War:


unfortunately, I never got a good full shot of this costume, so I’m going to be breaking it out again. Eventually. Maybe.  Next year…Maybe.  I already have plans.

And this year was the Rani, from Time and the Rani:


I look freaking bad-ass in this picture.  I’m so proud. (Also a shameless plug for Idiot’s Lantern in the background.  Sorrynotsorry)

Oh, oh, oh!

Also, I was asked for pictures by June Hudson, who was the costume designer for much of the classic series of Doctor Who, while I was wearing my (Still Not Updated) Romana 1 from The Ribos Operation. I was so flattered, guys.  I’ve put in previous posts how much I’m disappointed in that costume, and how I’ve always wanted to re-do it (I already mentioned plans, right?).  So having the woman who originally designed and made the outfit ask me for pictures was the highlight of my convention.


Renaissance Fair

Then there was last year’s Renaissance Fair:


The veil was my favorite part.  Hand-sewed kanzashi flowers to a piece of gauze, and it turned out amazing! I also made the red outfit, worn by my friend Lauren.  I’m already working on this year’s piece, but that will come later.

My skills have also grown by some leaps and bounds.  I’ve cranked out new clothing styles, tried new approaches and designs, gone much deeper into wigs, and dipped my toes into stripping and painting leather boots.



So I have a lot more to bring you all, as far as cosplay tips, tricks, and tribulations!  Stay tuned!


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