Great Fabric Hunt (Part 2)

Ok, first off, WHOA…….the layout changed.  That’s weird.

Second, I’m back with some Great Fabric Hunt updates.

It truly was a GREAT hunt, for certain.  The results are in:

Total budget: $300


The Rani, Time and the Rani:


  • Acceptable (not perfectly accurate, but the read is right) red on black leopard print , 4 yds
  • Accent fabric (Red on black) for shirt and belt, 1 yrd
  • Sequin Trim for shoulders and wrists, 2 & 1 yds respectively

Total Yards: 8  

Clara, Cold War:


  • Heavy metallic blue satin, 4 yds

Total Yards: 4

Rose Quartz, Steven Universe:


  • Nude satin (underdress), 5 yds
  • White satin, 2 yds
  • Light Pink satin, 2 yds
  • Dusky Rose satin, 3 yds

Total Yards: 12


  • White stretch velvet, 10 non-continuous yds
  • White drapey material (Probably a poly-blend) for a costume Redeux, 2.5 yds
  • muslin, 10 yds

Total Yards: 22.5

Final Yard Count: 46.5

Total Time Spent: 6.5 hours

Budget spent: $150.32

The key to fabric hunting in a district is to remember that there are probably three other shops who have your same fabric, so don’t take the first offer you receive.   Look around a little.  Wander in and out of all the stores where there’s barely room to move because of all the bolts of fabric.  It might be very worth your while.

Second, never look to eager.  Don’t squeal, or say “This is perfect” where the shop keepers can hear you.  They will raise the price just for you.

Third, don’t be afraid to walk away if the price isn’t what you like.  Many times the shop keepers will bargain with you, and drop the price to keep you from walking away.  Also, and I can’t believe I’m writing thisit’s just fabric.  It’s never worth breaking your budget for.

Last, when you’re bargaining, state a figure a few dollars under what you are willing to pay.  Be willing to compromise, because these people have to make a living, too.

Also, go shopping with friends.  That second, third, and fourth opinion may help you to take the plunge or to save yourself from a disastrous buy.  Besides, in this case, more heads are better.  🙂  Plus the company never hurts!


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