Great Fabric Hunt (Part 1)

So it’s that time of year again.

The time where my cosplay friends and I pile into vehicles and speed down to the fabric district in Los Angeles (We live about an hour outside it, in one direction or another).

Our mission, should we choose to accept?  To find fabric and accessories to create new and glorious cosplay without breaking our bank.

Our convention target?  GallifreyOne, a Dr. Who themed Sci-fi convention held every year in February at the Marriott Marquis in Los Angeles.

This is the great expedition we take every year, amidst hot temperatures, miles of walking, and every emptier stomachs.

Can we do this?  Of course!  It’s just going to be exhausting as all get out.

My goals for this Hunt are as follows:


The Rani, from Time and the Rani

  • I don’t have too much hope of getting this one finished in this trip. some of these fabrics are going to be very hard to find, and they won’t be exact matches.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t at least LOOK.


Clara, from Cold War

  • I need fabric for the dress, mostly.  While I’d love to make the coat, it is Russian Navy from WWII, which means heavy tailoring, and I don’t have that particular skill set yet.  So, in order to get the coat….TO THE INTERNET!  As for the dress, I’m looking for a light blue satin, and black four-hole buttons.  The only possible problem is the silver sheen to the gown, which I can get away with not having, but the perfectionist in me is complaining anyway.


Rose Quartz, from Steven Universe

  • She’s not Dr. Who, but I really don’t care.  She’s an alien, at least.  I love that there’s a fat character who is enigmatic, mysterious, and powerful.  Also, I love what little I’ve seen of her personality, and the dress should be easy.  I’ll need white satin, blush colored satin, light pink satin, and probably rose pink for the bottom.  If I can find lighter shades, I’ll use those.  She also goes bare foot, so my life is easier, in that I don’t have to wear shoes.  I’m still deciding if I want to make the cut out an actual cut out, or if I want to follow many other Rose cosplayers, and paste on a star and jewel, in which case I can wear a corset.  Both are very tempting.

I will post part two, hopefully with pictures, to update you on hunt progress.  Wish me luck!


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