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I wanted to talk briefly about Conventions, as those are usually something the majority of cosplayers absolutely love.  We love them because conventions allow us to ‘fly our colors’, so to speak, among the company of other people who love the same hobby.  Granted, convention season is usually during the summer (San Diego Comic Con, Dragon Con, Big Wow, Salt Lake Comic Con, CONvergence, AnimeExpo, etc….). My favorite convention starts off the season, because it is held in February of each year(Usually over Valentines/President’s day weekend, so single people don’t feel much sting!).  That convention is GallifreyOne, the ‘Largest and longest fan-run Dr. Who convention’.

Conventions can be really fun for cosplayers, because you receive feedback about your work from people who actually know what they are doing.  It is also a feeling of inclusion that you get, after months among people who just plain don’t get why you love this hobby so much.  Conventions allow for discussion of all things geek, with a positive re-enforcement that loving this is not wrong, or strange.  They also may allow for actual interaction with the actors and creators of your favorite shows, games, etc.

Courtesy of Abigail Grigg

Courtesy of Abigail Grigg
Courtesy of Abigail Grigg
Courtesy of Joanna Sherlyn Dunlap
Courtesy of Joanna Sherlyn Dunlap
Courtesy of me.
Courtesy of me.

Are there downsides to conventions?


Depending on the convention, it may be extremely crowded (AnimeExpo), assuming you can get a ticket at all (SDCC, SLCC, DragonCon, GallifreyOne, etc.)  Then there is having to pay for Hotel or airfare if you don’t live nearby.  Food prices go up during a convention because vendors know you have limited choices.  Parking is a nightmare.

Also, there are usually fees to getting to meet your favorite actor or creator face-to-face, or to take pictures with them.

But you don’t have to, and you can still have an amazing convention experience without paying for all the extras.  It’s a mater of a positive attitude,

Is it worth the time, hassle, and expense?

I say, Absolutely!

Try it, and you might be as hooked as I am!

Have a favorite convention?  Tell me bout it in the comments below.


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